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Hello Head Merc with a Mouth here and SPN Mod. So this card is going to be for both families! We have a new feature and we should use it! There is a lovely feature called talk!
You go to the community you want to chat in and you select talk! Simple, Right?
Then you can write and post photos to the wall of the group! Yesterday we were doing a Meme Bomb on our SPN wall. But this function can be put to good use! We can have awesome group chats about meme or anything that we post on the wall that is related to the community! We should all try it out!

Marvel post your favorite character

SPN keep up with the Meme bombing

Let's have fun together SPN Mod Head Merc with a Mouth Support
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where would I update it at? play store?
@MichaelOgg I think so. Mine automatically updated...
@MichaelOgg Yeah, you go to the menu then go to my apps and games, then you should be able to select it to update!
@MichaelOgg it's definitely on the app
ok I'll have to update my Vingle and Check it out XP