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I got tagged by @destiny1419 to do the gif challenge Pick every 3rd gif in your gifs folder or wherever you keep them. Then post them with the quote. No skipping!

My parents' reaction when I was born...

He looks like he's saying, "What the hell is that? Come on now." Guess my parents wanted something else lol

My reaction on the first day of school

Seems about right; I wanted to be at home with dad

When I learned to ride a bike

Victory dance!

Your reaction to getting a present from your best friend!

lol even has a party hat... I have a lot of awkward Jungkook gifs...

How I felt when I got my first crush

Well, boys do have cooties; so I'm sure I was a little disgusted

My crush's reaction when I told him

That's not the worst thing that could have happened

Getting 'the talk'.

Yeahhh... That's a pretty interesting reaction. Guess I was looking forward to it haha!

Waiting for the results to an exam

Awkward dancing in hopeful spirits to pass the time

Finding out I failed the exam


Finding out I passed the exam

Realizing I had a crush on my teacher

Caught mid dance and being like, "No, dafuq!" Thank god that never happened

My reaction to finally graduating!

Yes! Peace out bitches!

My reaction to getting a good job

I'm happy enough to crazily dance

The rest of my life

Hey I'll be doing something I love lol dancing and being dope as fuck

Challenging you all to do this challenge it's pretty funny; and look at that. The last 3rd gif totally worked!

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Thankyou!!!For letting me know!!!
Im proud!I learned something new today about Bts member :Jungkook!
@MadAndrea Thanks!!
@ChelseaGarcia your very welcome 😅
lots of thankyou!!