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Day 14) List your favorite 5 songs, and why?
VIXX - What Do I Do? (Ottokaji) This is my go to song. It's really happy go lucky, the tune is fun to listen to.
VIXX - Thank You For Being Born I don't have words for this song. It's really meaningful that they made this song for the fans. Love it so much
VIXX - Love Come True I love this song, especially Leo's high vocals in the ending.
Jellyfish - Because It's Christmas It's not really a VIXX song, but it has VIXX involved in it. As soon as the holidays started, I had this song blaring at my job.
VIXX - Love Letter I love this song, especially when Ravi starts singing. Like actually singing a part in this song, it shocks me with how good he sounds when he sings. It's also meaningful to the group. I love watching the concert when they sang this song, N was literally crying when the fans sang this song.
Here's my favorite 5 songs. What are yours? If you like the songs, please give me some feedback in the comments below, also if you would like to be tagged for the next post, just ask in the comments below. Until then, I'll see you in the next post. ANNYEONG!!!! @Gladness @marisamusic @kpopandkimchi