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While my first pet was a Persian cat, my love for this breed was realized when we got a little Corgi puppy.
Their body shape amazes me. LOOK AT IT. It's adorable. The lack of tail just adds to the cuteness.
Everyone needs a Corgi in their life. Queen Elizabeth has two of them, and look where she is. She's the Queen of England.
They're the happiest animal I have ever known. Even though they can't shake their tail to show it, you know by their smile. (The derpy faced one is going places鈥攑referably my house.)
Just wanted to share my love 馃惗
@funkytown411 his name is Ein and he has quite the personality!
I love corgis so much! They are so adorable! I first liked corgis when i saw the anime Cowboy Bebop, from that point on i said i need a corgi in my life!
@caricakes Everyone should have a Corgi. They bring happiness to all! And Corgis just make me smile :) I LOVE THEM SO MUCH. I had a Welsh Corgi from my early elementary years to late high school. She was so lovable 鉂わ笍
This card just brightened my day you have NO idea! My puppy I had from 3rd grade all the way to my junior year of college was a corgi :D now I have a papillion corgi mix! They're the best!!!!!
Oh my gosh agsdjfgahslhds THIS IS SO CUTE. 90% butt... hahahhaa <3
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