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Sad news.
hello everyone. I have some bad news for you guys. kinda. I'm in the US right now with my wife. but it looks like that my application for citizenship has been denied. which means I'm getting deported. soon. so when I am I might not be online for a while cause I'll be moving back to Europe to my parents and I'm gonna be looking for a job and probably working all day. so yeah... but thanks for all the support and help and friendship I got from all of you I might be more on Facebook if you wanna add me just ask and we can be friends on there. thanks.
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@nicolejb. it's ok @shannonl5. thanks
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@shannonl5. aaw thank you do you have Skype or Facebook.
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@DavidPap no, I don't really use either of those :(
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@shannonl5. aaaw anything. else?
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