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No it not just you man. it get me at school too. I swear on my life I'm not lying when I say I was in Chemistry class when my teacher all of a sudden said "The atom needs 8 valece electrons but its only GOT 7" I wanted to laugh so bad but no one in that class listened to kpop so I just sat there and smiled😂😂😂😂
one time my dad said "Can you feel my heart beat? " then I broke out into 2pm's Heartbeat doing the dance and he was like aha okay I get it he doesn't mind the kpop music he just thinks it's a little too much xD and every time I hear the word Monster it's either bigbang Monster or I say moonsta x cuz that's how monsta x says their own name xD
I saw a hexagonal pattern in a gate randomly while driving and I actually contemplated parking my car and making the EXO logo so I could take a pic. I briefly considered a break from kpop but then DOPE came on lol
@destiny1419 that remind of the elf stand thing in walmart & every time I see I just start say "sup elf, im a elf too people"!