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whenever I see a Bible, water, or even go to church I think of Joshu (seventeen) and when people talk about drinking, I yell "drink water! " when I see seagulls I think of jungkook. whenever I'm in math class and see the equation f(x) I think of F(x) whenever I walk into history I always sing History by exo I never say inspire anymore I only say infires
Every day.... Every night... Feel like a fool
I see the word got and I add a seven. I see the word baby and I picture Jungkook(in a diaper). I hear the would "Crayon" and I say "Why so serious". People say someone's a badass, I think of CL, mainly everything I do I think of KPOP!
i literally screamed j-hope and didnt realize it until my sister asked what i just said. i am total 200% bts trash
one time I saw ramen noodles and I smiled cause I remembered baby Zelos hair. another time I was laughing cause my friend was making with me a recipe for a cake for another friend, but we didn't know the recipe so we searched up red velvet. I knew it was a band, but she didn't so I was laughing and all while she looked at me like wtf? then another time my friends were dancing to WHAT DOES THE FOX SAY? and while the ring ding dong comes on I burst into full in SHINee. Then this other time my friends where asking me if I would like to see BigBang (theory) and I was all exited saying yes and that I would die if I went to a concert and ahhhh I think I have problems /:
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