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Spoiler alert ❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌ Episode 726 Luffy is about to go beyond all boundaries and destroy Mingo by finally revealing "(my favorite #) gear fourth!! This is going to be so epic. To all One Piece fans and NAKAMA alike, the journey for the King of Pirates is about to hit a new climax with the crew and the captain Monkey D. Luffy!! I can barely stand the short wait til the epi release. Anime is life. And always remember NAKAMA 4 life!!
I'm ready to see Mingo get his butt destroyed!
@DevilsSon yeah def true, the pic was just so epic I wanted all to see. Though the episode is out today so not really gonna ruin much and it's already all over Google as well so I'm sure anyone into OP has seen this already esp the manga fans.
Awsome I working my way up to that episode can't wait to see him in action It has to be epic like all his battles
just saying u should have put a different picture first but I can't wait