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Hey Nakama!!! As @InVinsybll said [Jump Ahead January] is in full speed! (: I have shared my excitement already but man I am sooo pumped for Prince of Stride: Alternative! Two episodes in and it's soo awesome and I dont want the season to end!
And I'm very excited to see what's in store for Karasuno in the second season of Haikyuu! Itll be interesting to see how the spring tournament plays out! XD
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@AdamDean Its a new sports anime that's about like relay races!! its sooo awesome!
@tbell2 like with a baton? Leave it to anime to make boring things epic.
I can say have never watched a sports anime. I'm extremely curious about them now I have two lookers ^.^
I am so excited about this too!!!!
@AdamDean they actually just high five to pass off which is somehow more epic XD check it out!!!