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Trying to find an awesome Anime to watch.
I can't think of any good anime to watch and I've already finished Black Butler. So I was wondering if you guys had any suggestions.
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Just gonna drop by some random anime... Nobunagun Nobunaga Concerto D. Gray-Man Arslan Senki Magi Nagi no Asakura Hunter x Hunter Fate Series (Fate Stay Night, Fate Zero, Fate Prototype, Fate Unlimited Blade Works...) Grimgar Apperigo of Blue Steel Shingeki no Bahamut(REALLY EPIC ADVENTURE STORY!!) Saiunkoku Monogatari Mononoke Japanese Horror Stories DN Angel Ao No Exrocist
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fairy tail
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@AlisonGrace short, sweet, and to the point!
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@OtakuDemon10 thx馃槣
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Hellsing Ultimate, Sword Art Online, Death Note
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