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Before we begin… English is not my first language so if you see any mistakes don’t think I made then on purpose or that I’m illiterate, I try to my best ability and improve my skills every day. Thank you and enjoy the story.
The first part is a bit slow, leave your feedback please. It will help me improve.
Pt. 2
All day at work you couldn’t stop thinking about the note. You were holding it in your hand for no reason, but you couldn’t bring yourself to put it down. Your thoughts were running back and forth but you didn’t know why.
Your work day was over and you were walking home as always because you were carsick and you preferred walking anyway. You felt your phone buzzing in your pocket. Unfamiliar number. It’s probably Jin you thought. “Oh, hi unicorn”- Tae said without even trying to hide his excitement about your nickname. “Are you trying to finish your job and give me a second horn? Is that why you are calling?”- you said. “Well, that would be a great idea… but no. I actually wanted to invite you to the park. I do feel bad about what happened, even though it was hilarious.” – he laughs. “I’m by your apartment right now, come out, I won’t wait forever.”- he said impatiently. You giggled, - “ I’m not home yet, I do have to work on Mondays like normal people.” Ok then, I’ll wait.” – he said that and hang up without even trying to listen to your response. You guessed that you didn’t really have a choice and you wanted to walk anyway and company wouldn’t be that bad.
“Unicorn!” – Tae yelled as soon as he saw you. You smiled. “Let’s go, it’s getting dark soon, I want to show you something.” – he grabbed your hand and you went in a direction of park that you always walked in because it was the closest one to your apartment. When you got to the park the sun was already setting. Tae was taking you to the part of the park that you have never seen before. You went through a little forest and you saw a lake that was surrounded by your favorite trees, weeping willows, you couldn’t hide the excitement because you don’t see this tress very often and their grace and beauty just made you feel whole. Your eyes started to water a little from excitement. The view was gorgeous, sunset, lake and trees. It was beautiful. You sat on the grass and enjoyed the sunset quietly, even Tae was quiet. He sat next to you and occasionally look at you.
All of the sudden it started rain and you and Tae started running, you offered to go to your apartment but he said that the bangtan dorms were closer so he grabbed your hand and ran in the opposite direction of your apartment. As soon as you entered you heard – “Tae? Is that you?”- Jimin was coming to the doorway. “Oh, Y/N. Did he try to scare you again, that monkey?” – without taking time to listen to your response he started playfully punching Tae. Jin – “ You will get sick, come here I will give you some warm clothes.” You followed Jin to his room. He opens the door and your eyes meet Suga. You hold your purse tighter to yourself as you remember about the note. “Yoongi, do you mind stepping outside? Y/N needs to change, Tae got her in trouble again. I just hope she won’t catch a cold.” – Jin said. Yoongi looked at you, smiled softly… as he was leaving he touched your hand… Your heart stopped, you forgot how to breathe, what was wrong with you? Jin gave you some clothes and left too. You changed and looked at Yoongi’s bed it was full of papers, lyrics, notes. You didn’t dare to read any of them. You took your clothes and left the room. Jin took your clothes to wash it and invited you for dinner. If there is a definition of hell on earth then that was the dinner, you sat between Yoongi and Tae, as if they did it on purpose. You barely ate anything because you tried to breathe and it was harder then you thought. Occasional “accidental” hand touch with Yoongi, and playful punches from Tae for not eating didn’t make things better. After the dinner you decided to leave but Jin didn’t want you to walk alone so he asked Suga. *in your head* Out of all f*ucking people. *in your head*.
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When I finish I will add a smut ending separately so people who don't want to read it can abstain from it, I will make an announcement under the cute ending. Be patient please, 3 part will be ready later today or tomorrow.
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