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I need your opinion. (EXO concert)

So I am planning to attend the EXO concert in Los Angeles on February 14th (: However, this will probably be the first concert I attend on my own, and I plan on getting front row/ pit area tickets. I do need help though, for those of you that have purchased tickets to be in the pit area (no seating), would you say it is worth it?? Did you like the experience? Or was it hard to enjoy the concert since there were too many fans (then again it is expected so I'll try not to complain about that hehe) pushing and shoving?? I would greatly appreciate your guy's viewpoint, please and thanks(:
@Bambeejam47 Great (: And sure ^^
@yehet27 it is one of my goals xD please tag me when you share you experience.
@Bambeejam47 Awww, there are so many artist coming to the States though (: You should go to one, make it your goal!!! Btw that's cool with me haha XD I'll end up posting vids too
@EmilyPeacock Okay, well i couldn't respond until I bought the tickets (cause it would have been a bummer to get all hyped up and not get them lol) Your experience insfired me and it seemed like you had such a great time (: Who did you go see btw? Glad to know you are going to the concert too (but at Rosemont) have a blast :D I will let you know how it went. @fallchild Thanks so much for the advice as well^^ I got floor tickets and I will try to be close to the barrier because I'm vertically challenged ( because if i drown in the crowd no one will see me haha)
Having never been to a kpop concert, I can't tell you anything about them specifically but for rock concerts you absolutely want to be in the pit and as close to the barrier as you can get. It may seem counterintuitive but the safest place in a venue is standing right against the barrier because security can see you and, if you need help, pull you out.
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