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Hello my SPN family, we are doing a cross community jump ahead. Yes, Yes, Yes! It's all about seeing what is ahead for our Supernatural characters! Also the fate of characters, rumors etc. Most of all what are you excited about that is coming up for the Winchester or any projects that the cast are working on outside of the Supernatural Community.
So, SPN community the rules are splendid and simple! It starts on the 17 of January! All you have to do is make sure your card has (JJ) in the title and tag myself and @InVinsybll so we have a comprehensive collection of what we are looking forward to! Any questions? DM me, I have an open DM policy! I don't bite. Xoxo L A Von Winchester
so... what exactlh is happening? I tend to be slow so dont mind me please.
We will be also doing it in Marvel, Anime, Funny, Video games & love and relationships. I know I'm forgetting something lol
oooooooh. okay. lol
We will be talking about what we expect to happen later on this year with the characters, also what we expect from next season or if they get another season. Also you can talk about projects the the actors are working on in 2016 besides supernatural