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We are defined by our actions. I have defined people in my life and labeled them as I see fit.

The Definition Of

A Player:

a person who toys with your


Pulls you into a Reality that doesn't exist. Spends your emotional Time, throws it away;


the Fact that you are Dying. puts on a Show for Society; all the time


to you, and The World. Then, once they are bored, they Leave. and you Die.


in the dirt.

The Definition Of

A Liar:

not just One who Bends the Truth or Twists it Beyond ALL Recognition. but One who Causes Another


and only After being told so, does their

Sense Of Decency

kick in. and they Apologize but it is very Obvious the Apology is Not at ALL


The Definition Of


isn't that Something we would


just LOVE to Know? how's This:


Decide who


am. not You. or Society. or My Peers. Okay? Deal.
I like your definition of "me" because it's clear confidence in yourself that the things you do, want, and need are yours alone and how you get them is influenced by what you see fit even if it goes against the "norm"
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@BelleofRay thank you!
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Brilliant. It's awesome how you changed the size of the text to affect how the reader's eye moves through the poem, and the tempo that creates. Players... *sigh*. They think everybody loves them, or that it's all just fun and games, but in reality, I think they cause a lot more hurt than they intend to. I have mixed feelings about that, because I was kind of a player at one time... I really hope I never made anyone feel the way you described above. :(
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Wow, this is awesome @Adrienpie I think it's just what you said about players, someone that pulls you into a reality that doesn't exist and the crushes it. They don't just play with you, they play with your perception of them!
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well @nicolejb and @AlloBaber the 'player' I speak of was nice, but he strung me along so, ....
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