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K-pop Gif Challenge

thank you for tagging me @MadAndrea this was Really fun!
My Parents' Reaction when I was born.
My reaction on the first day of School.
my reaction When I learned to Ride a bike... okay...Whatever.
My Reaction to getting a present from my best Friend. my guess is that I didn't like the gift, she probably got me socks.
How I felt when I got my first crush.
My Crushes' Reaction when I told him
My reaction to my parents giving me the talk
How I felt Waiting for my exam results
My reaction to failing an exam. I was very Mad about it!
My reaction to Passing an exam.
My reaction to having a crush on my Teacher.
my reaction to Graduating!
My reaction to finding a good job. I'm SO Happy.
the Rest of my life!
this was so much Fun! it was so funny how a few of these gifs worked out just perfect! LMAO!!!
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