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@AdamDean that's an awesome literary tool. one I haven't heard of being done in such a way, though I'm sure it is. I guess that's what some of my characters are, just an idea, an opinion or an aspect unrefined. they become people around their baseline trait or opinion. thanks for the well wishes. I'll friend ya, and maybe you can look it over one day.
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@SAMURXAI its actually how a lot of my characters are created, Mikagi Kyuuseishu was created based off of the feelings I had when I was in the friend zone with the girl I liked, whereas Namika Mikoto was based off of my rationlization of suicide when I was younger. And I would greatly enjoy reading your story.
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hahaha @AdamDean
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What anime?
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@DawsonGrey Anime: to love rue
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