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I'm so sorry this is really late! I feel like a horrible person...

"So, what are we going to do in the detention room?" Namjoon asked. "Oh, well we could be in there all day, maybe stay a couple hours after. Get expelled; suspended. Who knows" I said. "Are you serious? Thats horrible! Why would they do something like that?" "Well, we did just get into a pretty bad fight." I laughed. "Toche." We walked down the hall, exchanging small talk along the way. "Uh, you should go in first; it would be akward if we. I thought walked in at the same time." I said. "Okay.. sure." He walked into the room and the teacher had greeted him. For the detention teacher, she was extremely nice. I had waited a couple of minutes until I had entered the room. I kept my 'cool' appearance and sat at a desk. "What happend this time, Hyeon? Did you steal someones lunch money again?" She joked. I looked up at her and slightly smiled. "No, not this time. I had gotten into a fight with my friend over there." I pointed. "Is that so? You made a friend Hyeon? Im so proud of you!" Ms.Chai smiled. We had the same last name, but were not related in anyway. She had been another friend of my mothers and I favored her very much. "But why did you two get into a fight?" She asked. "Rumors." She mouthed the word 'Oh' and nodded. She looked back at the papers that she had been working on. Namjoon then tapped my sholder. "How is it you know like, EVERY single teacher in this school?" He asked. "I dont know them; more like they know me and I like getting into trouble." I shrugged. "Hyeon, come here please." Ms.Chai asked. I stood up and walked over to her over crowded desk. "Here. Take this pass. I'm not sure if you two have made up or not; but now you will. I don't want you cleaning the toilets today, so I'm going to let you go." She handed me a slip of paper and smiled at me. I bowed and went over to where I was sitting. I grabbed Namjoon's hand and exited the room. "Where are we going?" "Ms.Chai is a really great person. Do you really think she's going to just let us rot in that room? We're going to my place so we can do something fun." I showed my pass to the guard that was at the front doors. I smirked as he reluctantly let us both pass. Man it felt good to just casually pass by them.. "So, what shall we do now that we're out of school?" He asked. I stared at the sky, thinking, "What about going to that amusement park a couple ways away from here?" His face lit up brightly, "Thats awesome! Let's go on the biggest ride there is!" I didn't really object; mostly because I've never been on a roller coaster, or anything like that. I always thought it would be fun to go on one, so why not? "Fine with me, just a fair warning though, I've never been on one." I laughed. "Really? Like: never. In your entire life?" He looked shocked. "I'm telling the truth. I've never been on a amusement park ride." He grabbed my hand and started walking quickly and hastily. "We need to get there quickly. We're going to ride all the rides there until they close." I smiled as he pulled me along. How bad can some rides be? We entered the park, which was suprisingly crowded for a week day. You could hear mom's yelling at their kids. "Let's go on that one over there." Namjoon pointed to what seemed like the tallest ride in the fair. "Uh, that's pretty high up, isn't it?" I gulped. "Afraid of heights, are we Hyeon?" "I never said that!" Namjoon laughed, and I rolled my eyes. We walked over to the ticket booth and purchased two tickets. My heart started racing as adrenaline rushed through my body. "Haha, um... Namjoon? Why don't we start with one of the smaller rides? That way we can make our way up to the bigger ones.." "But we already bought tickets for this one!" "Well, it's not like we're going to throw them away. We can use them when we come back up here." "But were so far up the line, I'd be a shame to go down now.." He pouted and protested everything that I had said; so I gave up. The walk up the ride was silent; considering we couldn't just leave and come back later.. "Alright! Passengers! Please fasten your seat belts; if your are needing assistance, please wait for one of our employees to come around! Thank you and have a safe ride!" A lady announced. I buckled myself in and slouched in my seat. I really wish I wasn't here right now.. "This is going to be so much fun! Right Hyeon?" He asked. "Hm...? Oh, yeah... 'fun'. So much fun." I mumbled. "What's wrong with you? You look like you're about to die.." Before I could udder another word the ride had started moving. The horrible part was we were in the first seats of the roller coaster. I tightly gripped Namjoon's hand. "J-hey. Now might not be a good time to mention this; but I'm kinda afraid of heights.." He smiled at me sweetly. "Just close your eyes if you're scared. Don't worry; I'll be right here with you." I managed to choke out a giggle and looked forward. We had reached the top and before we went down, all you hear was a big 'clank!' I shot my eyes open and looked up at the sky. "Um.. we're not moving... like... at all..." My heart was pounding. I could barely breathed... Oh god; this is really bad...
Amazing!!! I love this so much!!!😍😍😍
YASS!! FINALLY!!! I LOVE YOU WAIFU!!!! @Bitterlimelight
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