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Major bonus points for the bride that dons Lazaro for her wedding day! Take a look at this stunning blush fit-to-flare tulle gown by Lazaro that is giving me instant life!
If fit-to-flare is the type of gown that you love, then I encourage you to click here to see more great Lazaro bridal gowns.
@AuroraCote shared a beautiful gown that she chose to wear to Homecoming. You can see it here. It's like this Lazaro gown in that it has that stunning fit-to-flare silhouette and blushy hued organza (with a bit of silver embellishment)! Who else has picked out their homecoming gown? Bridal gown? Special event gown?
Be sure to take photos and share them with us here in Weddings and Women's Fashion...!
@marshalledgar I agree! 2016 is going to amazing for us all. Vingle is defintely #1. I have to admit I rarely visit Pinterest now. Vingle has definitely allowed me to meet some beautiful souls and you're one of them! I always look forward to your cards, as well others, because they allow me a closer glimpse of aspects of the world that I would otherwise only view from a distance. So keep the cards coming!
Oh, I am SUPER happy that you're going to get back into it this year. 2016 is going to be a fabulous year for you, for me, and for VINGLERS. :) YAY! I actually prefer Vingle to Pinterest. At least here, you get relevant cool info and get to meet/interact with just as great people such as yourself @CandaceJordan.
@marshalledgar It's a story too long to tell. But I will say that it's why I appreciate Vingle and Pinterest because I store the things that I don't want to lose or forget without it being an issue. This summer I plan to pursue fashion as I did when I was younger. I'm looking forward to getting back into it.
@marshalledgar Idk why I replied to myself. I intended to reply to you. lol smh
@CandaceJordan I had dreams of going to prom in a strikingly beautiful and unique gown; so, I studied beauty and bridal magazines as if everything depended on it. Lazaro designs always caught my eyes. I used to have a folder of all my favorite designs, but had to throw it away. lol
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