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Before we begin… English is not my first language so if you see any mistakes don’t think I made then on purpose or that I’m illiterate, I try to my best ability and improve my skills every day. Thank you and enjoy the story.
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Pt. 3
“Did you like the flowers?” – he asked as soon as Jin closed the door behind your back. At this point you got used to not being able to breathe and tried not to focus on that as much. “Yes, thank you. It was unexpected” - you said and mentally punished yourself for the unexpected part. He smiled. His smile was so bright and innocent that you couldn’t stop looking at it. “I’m sorry I don’t express myself well, so sometimes it is easier for me to stay quite.” – he said while biting his lip and looking forward. You felt awkward staring but couldn’t help yourself. He started asking questions about you and what you do, where you are from, where did you work. It felt natural, all your worries and awkwardness went away. His smile was a light for you even though it was dark outside. It was time to say goodbye, but you didn’t want to let him go… you stopped in front of your apartment door and looked at him, - “Thank you, and I apologize for the inconvenience I caused to all of you today and yesterday.” “All of that wasn’t your fault but Tae’s and I’m thankful he brought you to me.” – he said while raising your chin with his finger and his eyes meet yours. You heart started beating so fast, it felt like your entire body was trembling with your heart. He leaned in for a kiss… but stopped right before his lips touched yours… he grabbed your wrist and measured your pulse… he was looking into your eyes the whole time and when he stopped counting he said – “Good to know.” And gave you a kiss on the forehead. “He left, that bastard just left!” – you said to yourself as soon as you closed the door. “Who the hell does he think he is? Who gave him permission? Ugh… I’m going to kill him next time.” – you were walking in circles around your apartment. “Good to know? GOOD TO F*UCKING KNOW” – the phrase just kept replaying in your head. You got tired of walking and sat on the floor with your back to the front door. You touched a spot on your forehead that he touched with his lips and smiled.
You woke up on the floor next to your front door, you realized that you forgot to set an alarm and just fell asleep smiling like a fool who got noticed by her crush. You jumped up to check the time and were glad that you were not late, not yet at least. “Cold shower will keep my thought clean for a day, I need to concentrate on my work.” – you said to yourself as soon as you entered a shower. You got dressed and opened the door ready to leave and Yoongi falls in into your apartment. He is sleeping. “Yoongi!” – you say and try to wake him up. “What in the world are you doing here?” – you said as he was reaching his hand to you and pulling you in for a hug. You were not expecting that and fell right on top of him. He smiles at you and opens his eyes. “I didn’t want to walk back alone and I was tired, so I decided to stay.” – he said while running his fingers through your hair. Right now you were wishing for a cold shower. You got up – “Why didn’t you knock? I would have given you a mattress and you could have slept in the living room.” “Why? Then how would I have heard all your complaining about me.” - he said giggling, while your face was turning red from embarrassment. “See you later.” - he said and ran away. Your heart is racing and you don’t think you can teach kids anything useful today, but you go anyway. You spent your day in a dream land thinking about Yoongi. You feel your phone vibrating you look at it and see a text from your ex-boyfriend – “I still love you, I’m coming to Korea to get you back.”
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