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tagged by: @Kyokeo and @MadAndrea rules: no skipping, must use every 3rd gif in your folder, use a sentence to respond :D Let's do this!!!
Your parents reaction to when you were born Jimin should also react like this, lol
How you felt on the first day of school Sad.....Kookie very sad lol
Your reaction when you learned how to ride a bike Let's keep this between us.....
Your reaction to getting a birthday present from your BFF This is more my reaction period. My BFF knows what's up tho, I got EXO photo collection, a Jungkook ring necklace and a BTS bracelet......I was very happy. Nothing like this gif.....
How you felt when you got your first crush Joonie .... put it away.
How your crush felt when you told them Yaaaassss Jimin knows what up!
Your reaction to your parents sitting you down for "the talk" "honey we need to talk..." "Ohhh look mom boy bands! Korean men far far away from me. Will I ever meet them?" *looks expectantly at mom* *blank stare back* *quietly to my dad* "she'll be single for a long time, we can wait" me: :D grinning like an idiot at my lovely Korean men :P
How you felt waiting for the results of your exam Super excited!
Your reaction to failing your exam I failed........?
Your reaction to passing an exam Yeaaahh lol
Your reaction to having a crush on your professor one word: swag.
Your reaction to graduating Knocked it out of the ring!!
Your reaction to finding a good job .... .... I'm not sure if my reaction is RM face or Kookie.....not sure of my feelings either. Due to the nature of this gif I'm insinuating that this perfectly represents my current many inuendos lol
The rest of your life Kookie. You are so right.