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I'm excited!! This challenged looked really fun Tagged By:☆☆ @Defy24601 ☆☆ The Rules: 1. Open your GIF Folder 2. Use every 3rd GIF 3. NO SKIPPING
My Parents Reaction When I Was Born --- Oh... I'm gonna take that as a compliment... I think
How I Felt On The First Day Of School --- So basically I felt like the most beautiful princess
My Reaction When I Learned How To Ride A Bike --- Oh.... but I actually love bike riding... but I guess Suga knows best...
My Reaction to Getting a Birthday Present from my Best Friend --- I guess I got a little too excited about my gift
How I Felt When I Had My First Crush --- I have no idea what this means for me... I guess it means I played it off cool
How My Crush Felt When I Told Him --- Is that a bad thing or a good thing...
My Reaction to My Parents Having "The Talk" with Me --- Oh don't worry... I already know ;)
How I Felt Waiting for My Exam Results --- I just don't know...
My Reaction to Failing the Exam --- I'd be RapMon... because all my friends are celebrating their good grades and then there's me...
My Reaction to Passing the Exam --- That's my happy dance ;)
My Reaction to Having a Crush on My Professor --- Kyaaaaaah *faints*
My Reaction to Graduating --- Oh yeahhhhhh. South Korea here I come!!
My Reaction to Finding a Good Job --- I probably worked hard to get there. Fighting!
The Rest of My Life --- Me when I move to South Korea and work for BigHit as a reusable water bottle
This was so awesome! I hope you guys have just as much fun as I did! If you decide to do it please tag me, I'd love to see what you guys got! @thePinkPrincess @SarahDarwish @sarangseoltang @kpopandkimchi @BBxGD @Jiyongixoxo @Emealia @EXOAsf @aegyoxprincess @jellybeanlov3 @MorganElisabeth