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If 2015 was the year of kale chips, 2016 is the year of dehydrated (everything else)!
Fruit or vegetable--it doesn't matter--if you can slice it thin and you have an oven, then you can make these yourself without spending the mint on these from your caterer.
If you want to get these done right with consistency from batch to batch, then I suggest investing in two kitchen products (that are kinda essential) to making this a success:
* food dehydrator ($50 - $140 on Amazon)
* mandolin ($30 - $170 on Amazon)
Never forget to give your guests exceptional food and drink at your wedding. You want the food to be delicious, nutritional and not run out!

How it works (with just a kitchen knife and an oven):

1. Slice as thinly as possible.
2. Toss in a little oil, any kind, and salt.
3. Dehydrate at about 135*F (preserves some enzymes) for 6-24 hours.

To test if they're done, allow a few to cool for 30-60 minutes.

Fully dehydrated vegetables will store for many months at room temperature.
If you purchase a dehydrator, then be sure to follow the instructions.
Now that I've gotten you in the mood for some crunchy, savory, vegetable goodness, you may be wondering about kale chips, despite the fact that we're in 2016 now. It's okay, I actually just made a batch myself last weekend.
And proceeded to EAT THEM ALL BY MYSELF! DON'T JUDGE!!!!
@Allobaber featured this really great Kale Chips card just before my birthday a couple months ago. Nix the popcorn for your Netflix date night and instead, make this! Extra bonus points for the dudes out there that make this. She's going to be sooo impressed!
Hey! @Animaniafreak I would say yes, because you want flavor. Otherwise, you are not going to have it.
I've just bought a dehydrator recently, can't wait to try it out! Is the oil necessary just curious?