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Just in case you haven't noticed, it's still the month of January. If going to the gym is relatively new for you, since maybe January 1st or so...YOU CAN'T GIVE UP YET!
Nobody wants a donut more than you. Trust me. I live in SoCal, where random mom and pop donut shops RULE the nightscape at 2am. I've made my rounds in the dark of night, stuffing my face with not TWO, but THREEEEEEEEEEEEE donuts!
But I've learned something. It's totally okay to cheat, as long as it's a cheat meal, once.
And the rest, I learned from @Alywoah in her recently published card that you can see here!
we are too blessed to be living in Socal @ButterflyBlu 馃槈
*sigh* and the random mom and pop shop donuts are the BEST out here too!
And...I'm gonna go grab a donut now. Thanks for that.
I gave up on diet & the gym since december 31st. I've been trying too much new food lately, which got me so obsessed so mayb next year I'll start again!馃槼馃檹
More so a curse 馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀
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