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Hello, Sherlock and Doctor Who communities, I am L A Von York the Mod of the Supernatural Community. Now, we are a new community and I figured most of you guys did not know we are here.
We don't want to be left in the rain.. We want to be merry and happy together with you guys! Yup yup yup! So you will see some post that are super who locked. We would love you to join our community too and come party with us.
Thanks for your attention SPN community Mod L A Von York Let's get SuperWhoLocked!
I have to say. That Doctor in the rain meme is just killing me. I can't look. Yet I keep coming back to look. *Sigh*
@ButterflyBlu a meme rage might be just what the Doctor ordered ;)
Happy Dance!! Maybe we should go on a meme rage! *evil laugh*
I feel like that should be a whole new communiry.
Yesssssss it's time for the Superwholockians to emerge!!!