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So as you know, I only started making cards just Wednesday (i could not miss my husbands day). But since Big Bang is my ultimate bias group, i can't just forget about my Jiyong and Youngbae. So i decided to do an Encore Day! I hope the family doesn't mind. Sooooo let's get it, let's go (in my David So voice)
These two have been together forever.
So i will break it down by starting with Youngbae.....
So i really miss Youngbae's old style. Honestly he was my 1st bias in BB. But then T.O.P knocked him down like a set of bowling pins. *STRIKE* I still love him though. How could i not love him. His name is Tae. My name is Tae. He born in May. So was I. His DOB is May 18th. Mine is May 13th. We would have been a perfect match but the beautiful model that stole his heart out beauty'd me. Lol
But i know he has matured into a fine man and his new look is awesome.
Now Gdragon is my bias wrecker. He keeps doing stuff like being cute one minute then sexy. I just can't.....
He also can pull off any hair color and hairstyle. Not many can do that.
And he can pull off any fashion.
These two guys are just the greatest and have been more like brothers over the years.
Oh here some extras. We represented my top three at the concert in October. It took us forever to make our shirts because we waited last minute.
I'm completely in favor of this "encore" day鈾♀櫋 . . But those shirts came out AMAZING and I'm kinda jealous lol . I'm read the comments and I see you'll be making a card about you Big Bang experience, please tag me in it if you can....because it seems interesting, so I'll be looking forward to what you have to say ~(^.^)~
I want to know about your experience ^.^
lol, thanks. the front of our shirts spell out MADE. it was only 3 of us so one of us had to have the 'AD' on their shirt. im gonna make another card later about our Big Bang experience. @catchyacrayon
@LateashaChantae Thank you ~(^.^)~ I'm really glad you like the community so far.....but there's loads more to come so I hope you stick around because there loads being planned that we can't wait to share with you guys 鈾♀櫋 *clears throat* February<<<this month I think will be epic. But don't tell.anyone I told you okay, shhh ;) . . Have an amazing day/night ~(^.^)~
@kwonofakind oh you don't even have to ask. the mods are automatically gonna be tagged on my card. you guys are awesome and just being a part of this community with you all is help making me come out of my introvert shell. 馃槉馃槉 @catchyacrayon
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