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So, for Christmas I received some money. Of course, I spent a lot of it on kpop merch! I bought all of these things off Aliexpress. I have made a card before this on the same topic which you can find here. I go more in depth in that card.
I mentioned this shop before and I find it very trustable. Shipping took a little more then 2 weeks but the shipping was free. Also in the other pics you can see what I received
I had never ordered from this shop and at the time there were no reviews on this item so I was really debating on whether to buy it or not. Of course I bought it anyways and I was really happy with my purchase. The shipping was free and took only 9 fricking days!! I was so happy. I think the print is really cute and I would highly recommend this shop. The shop sells many different kpop groups merch so look around.
If you're interested please look into these. You'll most likely love the outcome! *Always read reviews before buying and look for reviews with pictures of the item included in them*
Thanks i was looking of websites of where to buy new kpop merch.
Are their clothes in US sizes
that's where I got my VIXX pullover, love it so much
@MichelleFrazier No, they are in asian sizes so I always size up
I learned my lesson after I bought my Wolf Era Lay T-shirt, since it kinda shrunk into a small after the first wash...