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Collected "Bow tie and necktie differ in not only the knot, but also ideology. A necktie–for the most part–is clean-looking: it should be symmetrical, reach just so above the belt, etc. In contrast, a bow tie can’t help but show its personality. A necktie, however colorful, allies you with the masses. It wants to fit in. A bow tie, however, distinguishes itself just by being a bow tie. Therefore, it should be plain to a passer-by that you’ve tied it yourself; someone should be able to “see the wires” behind your bow tie’s knot. The length on either side of the knot, the knot itself, the front and back folds all should be asymmetrical. If it’s coming undone by the end of a long night out, you’ve tied it correctly. This is because you are not a poseur: you are a gentleman, and a gentleman isn’t chintzy. You grind your coffee before you brew it, you buy the good shoes that’ll last a while, you want real mango in your Jamba. Just so, you don’t want to clip one on to look like Pee Wee Herman’s back up. After all, you wouldn’t clip on a neck tie, would you?"
You're right, looks fake-ish
Is the first photo a drawing?