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GENRE: Angst, Fluff.
Word count: 366
I hope you enjoy. To get the full experience, i suggest you read it on wattpad (<--click) with turning pages. Thank you!
February 15th 2016
To my beloved ex.
Did you get my other letter? Did it get lost in the mail? I know there has to be a reason to why you haven't replied... I'll just keep thinking that because that's the only thing that will keep me sane.
It's February 15th! Do you know what we did this time two years ago? I took you ice skating and proposed on the ice.
Do you remember that?
Did i ever tell you how much trouble i went through doing that? I actually had to learn how to ice skate for two months before, just so i didn’t mess up in front of you. Then just as you thought all of the events of the night were over, I gave you that necklace with our picture in it and i had the matching one. From that night, I never took it off. Do you still have yours? i see you in your pictures and its never around your neck anymore...
I heard you and Kris are now together. I don’t know if i should say congratulations about it or not considering he was one of my best friends…A bit low don’t you think?
Was that on purpose?
Were you trying to hurt me?
I’m glad you’re happy with him, or I’m glad you can at least fake it for the cameras.
But something about that doesn’t make sense to me.
i saw you tweet something the other night and it kind of raised flags for me.
“I know you don’t think about me…you’re always too busy entertaining other girls. Do you even care anymore?”
I can’t help but feel like that was directed to me. Don’t think I don’t think about you, just because i ain’t spoken about you. Seeing you post things like that make me feel like i should hold on to what we have…or had.
I hope you still think about me.
I hope you still think about everything we’ve been through
I hope everything is okay, please reply to me.
I’m sick of being in pain.
I’m sick of having these feelings.
When are you coming home?
Love, your ex-fiancé.
Park Chan-yeol.
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*Drops Kris's hand and runs towards Chanyeol.*
tag me💙💙💙
amazing so deep and emotional please tag me
@ruthmilian89 @BiancaMason sure. I' posted the 3rd letter. It's in the collection