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Hello again everyone! I'm in need of help from some dads out there who have kids. I can only imagine the pain of not having my kid around.
I have been with an amazing man for while now and he's always had issues with not being able to see his daughter (who is about 2-3) and rarely gets to see her on "facetime" on his iPhone. he's planning on getting getting equal custody soon. but how do I help him to deal with the pain?
He loves her so much! and I'm very sure beyond even our own love. he's afraid to have kids with me because he fears that he may not love a child as much as another and it's not fair. I think it's a phase but when you think about it... I don't want to do something or say something to make this hard time harder for him and to become overwhelmed with change. I'd love to get Men and woman's advice on what I can do to aid my boyfriend. :)
@Dragon0fTime I agree with @InPlainSight just be there for him as much as possible. It's not an easy task to get custody of a child. I'm sure it's a very painful and stressful long process. Be patient with him.
@dragonoftime I wish there was some advice I could give, other than be there for him and support him the best you can.
Wow that's a really tough situation... I'm sorry for how this whole thing must make him feel. I can't imagine the pain :( I'm glad you posed though, @Dragon0fTime :) I'm not sure how great my advice will be, but I'll try!! It's a really tough thing, and like everyone else said, being there is most important. See if he wants to talk about how he's feeling; that always helps me, but it may or may not be his style. Do things together just the two of you, get that quality time in - I think that will just help make him feel loved and supported through this ordeal. Legal stuff can be so exhausting, and I'm really sorry he has to go through all that. But he's really lucky to have someone like you by his side who cares about him so much :)
Wow, that sounds tough....I am not sure if all of you have kids....but maybe u can offer some wisdom????? @butterflyblu @inplainsight @buddyesd @IMDEEPINIT @bemba0411
Thank you for sharing your problem with us! that sounds like a lot to deal with. honestly I cannot imagine. I have been separated from loved ones though, and been with people that are away from their loved ones, and the best thing I learned is not to say "I understand" but to help them plan on how to work things out. So, maybe he doesn't get to see his daughter? Well, whens a good time they can plan more Skype dates together? how can you help support him in seeing her more? And just phrases like, "I'm here for you." help a lot. and hugs :D good luck!
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