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Occasionally I'm get this jones to rewatch some of my favorite animes. Naruto being one of them. Around here I've been seeing a lot of cards along the lines of "this is what I learned from ___" fill in the blank anime. Well, this is what I learned from Naruto. Some of these are gonna sound critical but it all comes from a place of love. Keep in mind these are just from Naruto, not Shippuden.
If you ever need to know something in Konoha just go to Ichiraku. Either wait there and have a meal or talk to Teuchi or Ayame. They work two feet away from all the ninja that come through there. Ninjas normally being a tight lipped bunch, apparently decide to talk about anything under the sun there
If Kakashi ever gives you this face do not belive the next words out of his mouth. I love me some Kakashi. However, this look, and to think it took Sakura years to figure this out, means I'm worried but we ninja are a tight lipped bunch (unless we're eating ramen)and I don't want you to I'm just gonna lie to your face.
When one of your teammates days they'll catch up to you, you won't see them again till the hospital in the village. Every. Single. Time. If someone utters those words you know they'll win (cuz we have faith in our friends and whatnot)but they will have their asses handed to them. They'll lament that they can't catch up, fall to the ground, then someone will eventually come along and save them. Which is probably a good thing anyway because people are always carving arrows into the trees so how would you know that you were going in the right direction?