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This picture right here made my day XD Suho holding a Frozen sketchpad in which he'd written out his plan for his broadcast was the sweetest, dorkiest thing ever!
I still don't know why he was doing 'Walk like an Egyptian' dance move
Him calling the members to ask them if he was the funniest member was waaay too fun to watch. Please people accept that he is funny.
Doing what the fans asked him to do XD
Two words for you Friendship Goals. P.S. he has the members saved on his phone as Our *feels*
Suho really is the best person ever! He did every sort of fan service possible like doing what the fans asked, calling his members, making weird jokes and to top it all off he'd planned it like a little kid XD He kept on smiling throughout the broadcast though there were some rude comments on there (Sehun was angry on his behalf at the rude comments and even told him not to mind what they wrote *Awww friendship goals*)
I told someone about suho she wss like really & I her that suho is the cute thing in the world & she hard believing that. but he so cute ♥♥♥
My bias❤️❤️❤️ @carlaramirez5
suho oppa you are the cutest thing on this planet >•<