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so I found these gems while surfing the Internets. they made me laugh so I thought I'd share ;) you're welcome

chunji is a sassy mf

pic #9 I feel Ljoe's pain

pic #4 is about their level of comfort grabbing their crotches lol of course chunji is chill with it.

hope you laughed!!! xoxo angels p.s warning sign mv comes out tomorrow and they are live streaming their comeback on v app 11pm kst!! please support Teen Top's comeback!!

Of course course chunji is alright with it XD and then there cap who isnt fooling anyone with that.
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@KAddict haha I know!!! they cracked me up!!
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I set my notification for it!!!! I 馃挏 Niel
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@ElleHolley yayyyy!! thank you for supporting them!!! :)
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I love them all!
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