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Thank you Suho for standing up for Kai (he actually sighed when he saw that question). He really is a great leader, protecting his members XD I was really pissed off when somebody asked that question, I mean stop behaving like immatures. From the beginning when people asked this question you could see Kai was hurt, but as time went by he would laugh it off but I guess that was not the case...If you truly are an EXO-L you wouldn't say stuff like that, behave yourself.
Kai doesn't have that much of "dark skin"
In my opinion, Kai isn't even dark skin. so that's not even a smart question to ask.
@FaithMorrison In Korea having a fairer skin means you're better.So everytime someone says Kai is dark their picking him out from the rest. I guess he doesn't like that so we shouldn't talk about it.
How is that offensive