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So I literally just started watching k-dramas because my Kpop friends at school have been asking me if I started watching any .. And I need some suggestions as to what I should watch .. 😭😭😭
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My Unfortunate Boyfriend is super cute. Secret Garden is a classic. check out Exo Next Door or Dream Knight with Got7. Umm and when in doubt watch Running Man, makes me laugh every time and you get to see some of your favorite Kpop stars.
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oh my venus, cheese in the trap, its okay that's love, shut up flower boyband
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there's a lot I can give you a 290+ list but nah man from the stars
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"My love from another star" gosh it's amazing! so is "Cheese in the Trap" then movies that have Kim Ah Joong
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YES MY LOVE FROM ANOTHER STAR!!! and ooomg reply 1997 hahah
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