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Light Yagami (Death Note)- Light Yagami, what else can I say about this genius besides the fact that he is just a bad ass mastermind. The competition between L and his self drives him even more to pull off the unthinkable. I'll admit, there were times when L made Light look like a damn fool, but even so, Light was always able to counter L all of the time. The things that Light was able to pull off were unimaginable. I think we can all agree that Light's bad ass personality and his genius will go down in anime history.
L (Death Note)- L, Ryuuzaki, Hideki Ryuga, Eraldo Coil, Deneuve, the man with no true identity and Light Yagami's counter part. L made Death Note a truly extraordinary anime that will go down as one of the best of all time. L would be a step ahead of Light most of the time, but tbh, they would go back and forth. I think we can all agree the first time L is mysterious, he's a mastermind, without L, I don't think Death Note would've been as good as it was. If you've seen Death Note then you'd most likely agree with me. L has all the traits of definite bad ass.
Naruto Uzumaki (Naruto & Naruto Shippuden)- There's so much I can say about Naruto, he's from my favorite anime, he's hilarious, and he's a fantastic ninja. Naruto's drive and personality is what defines him. Out of all anime characters Naruto get me the most hype. His drive to become the greatest ninja, to become Hokage, and to carry out his Master's wishes is truly what makes Naruto an ideal ninja. But Naruto wouldn't be Naruto if not for his goofy personality. He's hilarious, plain and simple. In my opinion the greatest ninja.
Sasuke Uchiha (Naruto & Naruto Shippuden)- Revenge is what drives Sasuke Uchiha, revenge on his brother Itachi Uchiha, its what defines who he is. His drive is revenge and revenge alone. If you've seen Naruto Shippuden then you already know how much of a bad ass this guy is. He works hard, and all the girls want him, which we know, he isn't interested in any of them. 😂 Sasuke never ceases to impress. I'll admit, I get super hype when he does some bad ass shit.
Goku SSJ3- (Dragon Ball Z)- I don't think Goku needs any introduction or any bio of why he's a bad ass. Although I'll tell you why I think the SSJ3 form is the most bad ass. I think what really made it stood out was the fact that it was the third level of super saiyan but also, when he powered up to SSJ3 for the first time to fight Majin Buu. He made the entire planet, no universe, and THE FREAKING OTHER WORLD SHAKE. The SSJ3 Power Up Theme by Bruce Faulconer is what really made it bad ass though. Not to mention the fact of how mopped the floor with Buu. Please if you haven't seen it. Check out the awesome SSJ3 Power Up https://youtu.be/uldSCaNDGD0
Majin Vegeta (Dragon Ball Z)- What is there to say about this form of Vegeta. In my opinion this was the form that redefined the Vegeta we all knew from the early seasons of DBZ. The fight he had with Goku is was really made this form stand out to me. He was able to go toe to toe with Goku, even though Goku wasn't in his strongest form, but even so Vegeta was kicking his ass! This form defines the evil bad ass in all aspects but at the same time, the hero.
Well that concludes Part 1 of my Most Bad Ass Male Anime Character list from anime that I've seen so far, keep checking Vingle for Part 2!
Those are all awesome characters and I love them but I think you've got some more to watch if you think they are the most B.A.
Yeah, this is only part one though but you're also still right I've still more to watch!
They're all pretty awesome!!!!