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Rules: every 3rd gif in your collection followed by these quotes in order (no skipping no cheating!) I was tagged by @4dalientae
your parents reaction when you were born. ------------- what
how you felt on the first day of school ------------ was I like hot af or what cause geezus chen
your reaction when you learned how to ride a bike --------------- the question is, am I kris, or chen?
your reaction from getting a birthday present from your best friend -------------- oh oh okay
how you felt when you got your first crush -------------- *fascinated by the beauty*
how your crush felt when you told them. -------------- WELL THEN
your reaction to your parents wanting to have "the talk" ------------------ HAH
you while waiting for your exam results ------------- COME AT ME YO
your reaction to failing the exam ------------------ um....okay
your reaction to passing the exam --------------- just yes.
Your reaction to having a crush on your professor ------------------ ...
Your reaction to graduating ---------------- lol
Your reaction to finding a good job ------------------- yayyyyyy
the rest of your life ------------------ yes jimin yeeeeeeeess
well that was fun tagging peoplesssss @stsmarlene @nnatalieg @DestinaByrd @bbyitskatie @thePinkPrincess
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omg love this. πŸ‘πŸ‘Œ