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Anthropo what? I bet you never encountered the word before, unless you saw it in news articles that started appearing last week. Scientists are about to declare that we entered a new geological epoch. To put the reason in simple terms, it's because when some future geologists will excavate the earth a million years from now, they will be able to distinct the layers of the new epoch from that of the previous one, mainly by the debris of plastic they will find in them. So why should it matter to all of us? Well think of it this way: Scientists set the beginning of the new era to the 1950's, when the use of plastic became widespread. This means that for many of us, our parents were born in another epoch. Now, I know every generation feels this way, but in our case it's real. It also means that most of our politicians were born in another epoch, and so do most of our financial leadership and other major influencers. And think about this too: The last epoch started with the invention of the alphabet. It encompassed all oh human civilization until about the invention of the electronic computer. So we live in a time, as crucial as that of the first cities, the first widespread written texts, the first cultural revolutions. Are we up to the challenge of this once in 12 millennia historical role?
Wow! That's incredible. It's kind of mind bending, isn't it? We think of all these different era and epochs as intangible times in history that have nothing to do with us today, but this makes me think of it differently. This is really cool. Thank you for sharing!! Did you see this, @nicolejb?
This is really cool! I do wonder a lot what future historians will make of us. Which records will survive and which won't (we went to a museum this weekend of a completely untouched apartment from the 1800s so it's been on my mind haha)
Woah, well this is amazing, thanks for sharing @ButterflyBlu. I think we might even quicken the process of entering new eras historically. I think the world is just moving faster (metaphorically speaking).