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I had never really looked into Infinite, however recently I have become rather interested in this man. More specifically how he classifies himself as 2 different men.
First there is L. From what I can see he is someone who is trying to display the image of what the perfect idol should be. He is quiet and doesn't talk much, but still manages to get a lot of attention. He's calm and collected, very talented but would never brag about it. He's not overly hyper or crazy enough to attract any bad attention.
Then there's Myungsoo. Technically it's just L's real name, however his personality drastically changes when he goes by this name. Myungsoo is somewhat loud, the kind of person that draws attention to himself without meaning too. He's clumsy, gets lost easily, and sometimes speaks so weirdly he makes no sense. He's very 4D and can be weird to the point that some netizens spread rumors about him.
At first I thought this was just another fan thing. That fan's realized a few slight differences and changed his perspective, however then I watched more videos and saw that he really does act like almost a different person. He even acknowledge's it! The staff puts it in the captions of the video even.
I know these are just two different personas he has, but I can't help but be incredibly intrigued by this. I have never seen an idol separate himself like that. I think it's incredibly cool that he is this way. What's your opinion on this?
I love L/Myungsoo very much and it's because if they reason 😂
Yup that's L/Myungsoo for you. He is the entire reason I got into Kpop! ^_^ I love this little cutie!
wow..... I thought I was the only one who noticed that.