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Haha I had my first kiss in the 8th grade. Boy was I nervous ha there was this girl a rather cute girl whom could kiss and there I was goofy and shy never kissed a girl and she wanted to make out haha. In the end I was alright and today I'm a great kisser. What I'm trying to say is don't worry about age or how long it takes, but do make sure that when the time comes you enjoy it. Be it a kiss or making love or damn just having straight sex, these gestures we crave from others have meaning far greater than the tingling numbing sensation we get off another. A first time should be slow gentle and full of emotion. Not something to just get out of the way. Take the time to admire your partners touch taste they way they close their eyes or notice the sound your lips make after parting from eachother.
let's all agree that most of us have not had our first kiss I'm in that same boat I am not going to lie about it haha but that's besides the point no shame in it like everyone says
I'm 20, gonna be 21 in the spring and still haven't. I'm Muslim so I believe that one should totally save themselves for marriage! Don't feel weird or bad at all! You have something other people don't: Exclusivity 😎
I had a boy friend. He was sweet. Until we played a game. We're we searched each others phone. I found something on his phone. A picture on him half naked snapping a girls bra off. Then when I asked him he told me it wasn't him and that the picture was before I came into his life. Stupidly I have him a second chance. I came over to a game night were his parents invited me. His parents were the sweetest people I every met. They let me in and I walked up to my boyfriends bed room to find him *playing* with another chick. He tried to make it look like he was drunk. Then he started yelling me. Telling me that he did this because I would never *play* with him. You see I'm saving myself for marriage. Any way he held me down on the bed and started kissing me. I tried to pull away. He pulled me closer. He started touching me. Then he through me off the bed and said that was a who** and a slu* and that I belong in his possesion and I'm worthless and just a object that's suppose to do what he wants me too do. If his parents would of not knock at the moment I was about to beat...then I don't know what could of happened. When his parents open the door I ran into his moms arms then his dad's. His other girlfriend was still there naked. She quickly dressed then left. I never saw her again. His dad gave him a nice bruise on the face. And his mom gave him a nice cast on his arm.
Don't feel too bad I haven't either and I am 19 too but I know it will happen someday
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