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It's more than slipping. They grabbed my ankles and pulled me down. I face planted into a place a will be stuck but happy but dying. AHHHH!!!!! HELP!!! It's kinda nice tho. 💎💎💎 Something else is that it's just a bunch of bias list ruiners. Something else is their songs. They (Woozi with some other members like hip-hop group) make and produce their own music. They create mostly all of their choreography too. And they are very strange. Like, sometimes I will forget that they are semi-professional singers and dancers (Jun's faces during dance practice videos. Lol). Amazing group, amazing songs, amazing lyfe ruiners.
SVT bias(es): Jeonghan, Joshua, Jun (do you see a pattern?), Woozi Favorite song(s): 20, Mansae, Rock Favorite MV(s): Mansae, Adore U Favorite Choreo(s): Rock, Mansae
-End of whatever this was-