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Me in 3 Anime Characters

So this is another challenge I've seen going around Vingle lately and I'd like to join in! Like everyone, I am a complicated mix of morals, ethics, ideas, reactions, and interests. All of these can be summed up for me in 3-4 people: Iki Hiyori (Noragami), Maka Albarn (Soul Eater), and Black Star/Natsu Dragneel (Soul Eater/Fairy Tail).
Iki Hiyori
I don't know about everyone else, but I really enjoy taking those "which character are you?" "what is your inner animal?", etc... quizzes, and Hiyori is the character I can count on getting all the time and I couldn't be more happy!
Hiyori is one of the most awesome characters ever! She was the first female anime character I saw that was interested in fitness and defense (i.e. martial arts). She is a closet MMA nut; and when she finds herself in situations where 85% of other anime girls run and scream, she just jumps right in to help! When Yato was in front of the bus, and when she unleashed Jungle Savate on the large frog phantom, for a few examples. Considering I've been in situations like that, and that is my first reaction, that really hit home for me. And I am pretty much 100% sure that if I were put in her position, of having increased speed and agility in spirit form, I would pull that stunt of "Oh, I forgot I'm actually a pretty good fighter in this form! I'll handle this!", and need to have my tail pulled out of the fire!
Also like me, she is selfless (ok, so a little bragging on my part? but it is true) and will do anything to help those she cares about. I would always be jumping in to help and protect those I love, however I can. Like Hiyori, I don't know how to hide and stay quiet; I would be out there fighting with my friends! Even when those friends do things she doesn't quite agree with, she will stand by her principles (trying to deal with phantoms on her own), and will stand by her friends and be there for them, to pull them back from the brink when needed. She is also silly and comical, something I pride myself on; and not worried about showing fear, but she simply takes that fear and it makes her stronger. (that will be a recurring line throughout this card, as that probably the most guiding and central tenant in my life, so bear with me).
Hiyori is also not afraid to stand up for herself. When Yato first meets her and hasn't dealt with her request for him to find a way to fix her after 2 weeks, she doesn't just say "well, he'll get to it", she calls him up and dresses him down for not having helped her yet. Even when he kind of gets in her face about it, she stands her ground. That is highly awesome and inspirational to me. It lets me see ways I can stand up for myself without being rude, and not give in to others whims. I'm like her in so many other ways, now I have a way to work towards!
Overall, Hiyori and I are loyal to a fault, interested in martial arts and fitness, not afraid to jump in to save and help people, and due to all of that can get ourselves into situations where we need our friends to shake their heads, roll their eyes, and yank our tails to pull us back from something really silly!
Maka Albarn
Maka is absolutely amazing to me. She was the first anime character I saw that I went, "oh my gosh, that is so me!" as far as school and learning go. I absolutely love to learn, it is something I've found, especially over the past few years, that is pretty much the strongest and first thing people see about me. Maka perfectly mirrors that. She always has her nose stuck in a book and is studying. She is also a teachers pet and has anxiety if someone ever beats or gets close to her score on tests: That was me (and still is at points) for the past 15 years of my life! I get bothered when people interrupt my study time, I am ALWAYS asking professors questions, and I always (used to) pride myself on being the smartest person in the classroom and had to be #1! I have since tried to tone down that annoyingly obsessive always-have-to-be -the best voice, but I still retain my keen intellect and love of learning and intelligent conversation.
On top of our uncanny similarities in school, there are a few scenes in the anime where I was just following Maka and everything she did, said, and how she reacted perfectly simulated how I would have (and have in the past) acted in those situations. The most stark example of this for me was when Maka, Black Star, and Kid were practicing Soul Resonance amongst themselves. It kept going wrong and Maka got more and more frustrated and blamed Kid, then started crying and ran off screaming in frustration. After some self introspection and a talk with Tsubaki, Maka realized that maybe it wasn't all Black Stars fault and she might shoulder some of the issue too. She returns, fully ready to do what she needs to do to make it work. However, like me, she is too proud to actually say she was partially at fault to Black Star's and Kids faces and just jumps right into the exercise. Luckily, Black Star and Kid fully understand her and accept and go along with it. Everything in that scene is so ME it was insane! The only thing off was that I can only wish I had friends like Black Star and Kid with me during those times to get me enough to know I had realized my fault and simply couldn't articulate that I was in the wrong.
Maka is also not afraid of being afraid. She realizes she is afraid and, though it does take time, as it does with all of us, she exhibits true courage by working her way through that fear. As I said in Hiyori's section, that means a great amount to me. There have been certain areas in my life where terror ruled my days and thoughts, and I have learned how to work with that and through that and I have become a stonger, better person for it. As such, having someone like Maka not just exhibit the typical shonen anime protagonist vent of "I know not the meaning of fear! I'll just get mad and beat the crap out of that baddie!", which I love, but Maka is some more real like me in that she shows the ability to feel fear, and be able to work her way through that fear, to not just squash it down but feel it fully and let it pass through her, so that she can become stronger. That was a remarkable thing to me.
So, Maka and I are both proud and intelligent bookworms, teachers pets, have issues admitting when we are wrong, get frustrated easily, and have the ability to feel fear and dissolve that to become stronger and kinder people. She is truly amazing.
Black Star and/or Natsu Dragneel
So, I am a girl (woman? geez, what is the age cut off for that?), but no female anime characters I can think of exhibit these next sets of traits, so I'm going to these guys for help.
These attributes are being (sometimes obnoxiously) loud and energetic, easily excitable, and liable to leap before I think about certain situations. There is also an aura of naiveté there that, as I meander my way through college, I find myself having.
So, I have found over the past few years that there are certain subjects I am extremely interested in and passionate about, and if I am able to talk about these for longer than a minute, I usually get louder and louder, more animated, and sometimes the pitch of my voice also escalates. I just get so passionate about those things I cannot stop myself. Its just so cool! Both Black Star and Natsu are known for being loud and excitable, and thus, we share those common reactions.
We are also similar in their preponderance to sometimes 'leap without looking' as it were. I am usually extremely thoughtful (overthoughtful) about things, but in social situations, I am kind of dense. I get so caught up in my question, etc... that I don't realize I'm interrupting everyone else; I also tend to bite off more than I can chew. Like, a lot! I am constantly having to step up my game because I keep taking more and more on. That is something I am working on!
That denseness in social situations is the naiveté I specified earlier. Now being in college for two years, I am still coming across things that I don't understand or have never heard of or thought people did. And I am apparently the unknowing queen of 'that's what she said' jokes. I almost never think that way, but I'll say things and others will just shake their heads and laugh and laugh, and then I understand that my shoe was just artfully inserted into my mouth. That sort of naiveté Black Star and Natsu share, in that they will say things and then realize their social implications later (see Natsu talking to Erza at Grand Magic Games about Lucy in the shower), though I am sure that they would probably get those 'that what she said' lines; they are teenage boys after all.
So, Black Star and Natsu embody my energetic and annoyingly optimistic side. We are a group of happy-go-lucky fools, though I will also probably give them a good Maka Chop or Hiyori Jungle Savate from time to time, when I need to study or we actually do have shit we need to get done!
So, to wrap up, I am a excitable and energetic INFJ that cares deeply about people and works hard to protect them. I am smart and love to learn just about anything. I am physically active and love martial arts, and would stand up to people and defend those I care about, or my beliefs and thoughts, be it through physical or verbal sparring. I can be silly and pride myself on my goofiness and passion, but really crack down when I need to get things done. Being an INFJ, it is hard to find characters that describe me, especially with my odd (for INFJ) boisterous and scientific tendencies, but in these three characters I am able to find the most integral parts of myself, and in so doing, I cherish and love each and everyone of these characters, and feel as if each one carries a part of my soul with them, should I ever need to remind myself who I am at my core.
So, thank you Minna-San, for taking the time to read this and get to know me a bit better!! And Genki Saikyo!!!
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