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Dedicated to my best friend Holls~ What happens when all of a sudden your best friend wins a competition and EXO takes resident in your neighborhood? Let's read to find out~ Chapters: Chapter 1 ( Chapter 2 ( Chapter 3 (
While Chanyeol was still shooting hearts at you during the concert, you were brought on stage randomly by two guards who said they had a request from Baekhyun and Sehun to bring you on stage. Once on stage Chanyeol noticed and immediately went for a hug but you suddenly panicked when all the EXO-Ls started to take photos and started to gasp in shock but fortunately for you, Chanyeol covered your face and the other members brought other EXO-Ls to stage and hugged them as well for a distraction, and that no one grew curious of the matter. At the end of the concert had insisted on walking you home, and you agreed. While walking you asked him "Why did Baekhyun and Sehun ask the guards to bring me on stage, do you know?" Chanyeol chuckled but responded with "I kept complaining back stage on how I wanted a hug yet the members got annoyed on how they didn't want to give me a hug" he pouted, "aigoo, Chanyeol you are adorable" you slightly giggled. During your talk there was suddenly a small group of girls recording and taking photos of both of you, you nudge on Chanyeol's arm and whispered "we are being followed and recorded" you said with hesitation, "it's going to be fine Holls, trust me okay?" He whispered. You decided to trust him but when one fan had gotten a bit to you, you had fainted yet you were conscious. You kept hearing him yelled out of fear. "Holls, wake up please", "I can't lose you like this, wake up don't stay asleep", "I need you here with me, no one can take you away, expect for yourself but please not like this". It was hopeless, you went unconscious, but your mind went through flashbacks. (Flashback warning starting now) Next thing you knew, you were back in the forest trail, "I'll give you all of me, if you give all of you" you head his signing and saw his smile fade just a bit. "Hey, you okay? Sorry it's just I been practicing the song and.." He trailed off due to his nervousness that you detected, "Yea, I'm fine sorry I'm just a bit distracted, but your voice sounded beautiful" you admitted honestly. "Do you really think so? Lately I been dealing with stress from the company saying I'm not good enough" when you heard of this you thought "how can they think such a thing? It sounded heavenly also like an angel had sang it" but instead of blurting that out you just replied "You sounded amazingly beautiful, I wonder why they don't see it" you have him a smile. You noticed he seem nervous once again, but decided to think against it. There's no way he would be nervous, right? It's not like I'm going to confess something right now, we just met after all, you thought, but after saying this Chanyeol asked you a question that caught you off guard. "Sorry I wasn't listening Chanyeol, can you repeat it? Sorry" you said when an apologetic smile, he chuckled then repeated "do you believe in love at first sight? That's what I asked you, you don't have to answer though" love at first sight? Why would he ask such a such thing? It can't be what I'm thinking...definitely's not possible. "Love at first sight? I do but it would depend on who it is, I guess" you smiled "I'm glad because I kinda want to say something, but promise you won't laugh at me?" What could he be up to? "I promise I won't laugh, you can tell me I won't judge" and that's when the unexpected question happened "I started liking you see I first saw you, so will you like to be my girl?" We just met yet you're still fell in love? Is it even love? Ugh...The guys will kill for screwing this up, it's Park Chanyeol not a totally stranger yet your acquaintance. Maybe I should just let it happen, I alright like him and like his persona, I'm going to accept his confession but I just hope it's all worth it. You gave him a hug, and you both walked out of the trail walking hands while you remembered this, you started to regain consciousness. "Holls, wake up please", "I can't lose you like this, wake up don't stay asleep", "I need you here with me, no one can take you away expect yourself, but please not like this" When you woke up, you noticed you were in the hospital with Chanyeol holding your hand sleeping next to you. "Chanyeol, I'm okay, don't worry anymore I'm awake" you squeeze his hand, that's when he awoke "Holls, I was so scared, but I'm glad you're awake now" as he hugged you but there was a slight surprised when you saw the guys. "Guys (Luna and friends :p) What are you guys doing here, how did you guys find out?!?" Of course they'll find out but who told them? Chanyeol didn't even have their number, and I didn't have my phone..hmm, "Sehun called me once he and the members got the call from Chanyeol, you had us worried sick, you were out cold for a hour" Luna said noticing your expression. She is too good of a mind reader sometimes, this is why I can't hide my problems so her, aigoo. "Wait, I was out for an hour? Last thing I remember was that one fan was too close to me..but then I fainted that's it, did something else happened?" Chanyeol replied this time "When you faint it was because people crowded us, when we where about to reach your house, but I called the members to get us to the hospital, Doctor said you were shocked and tried which is why you fainted" You sighed "sorry guys, I didn't want to cause a scene but happens, right?" You chuckled. "It's fine Holls, but next time let's not faint when it's night time" Luna retorted while you guys just laughed. (Sorry, this chapter was a bit all over. I tried to clear the confusion of the last chapter, but nonetheless I hoped you enjoyed!~)
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omg i really liked it i wanted to wait till the last chapter to commemt
@bbyitskatie I'm glad you liked it!! And thank you βœ¨πŸ’›βœ¨
i liked it and take your time ! fighting! great story! πŸ˜„πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ’–
@ZaTayloe I'm glad you think so ^^
this story is going good😊☺😺
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