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We are having a fun event to look into the new year!! @InVinsybll had this great idea! What is it you ask?! Starting Jan 17-23rd we will be posting cards in each community to share our hopes for the new year!!! How do you join?! Easy! Just post a card on what you hope SHINee will do or make in 2016! Add {JJ} in the title for the event marker!

So what do you want from SHINee in 2016?

A new album? A solo or sub-unit? More Acting? More Variety? A U.S. Concert? Tell us!! Make a card and share the Shawol love!!!
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This is a cute idea, I hope I remember to participate ♡
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Another album and U.S. CONCERT WHERE THEY COME CLOSE TO WHERE I AM. I'm so excited to Taemin's album 😄😄
2 years ago·Reply
taemin's solo album
2 years ago·Reply
i would love to do this!!!
2 years ago·Reply
I would love them to come to Texas lmao! I'm looking forward to Taemin's solo album.
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