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So I was browsing the internet and for some reason I fell upon this website. I clicked it cause you know curiosity kills the cat but oh well. So I played it and OMG it was right! He said the name I was thinking of! And I know your probably saying" What the crap is this girl talking about!?" But just click the link and you will see what I'm talking about !
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😱😱😱😱😱😱 It guess Min Yoongi... Wth!??!! This freaked me out... How did he know i was thinking of him!?
I'm laughing so hard it asked if the person was in a 7 member group and if he was the youngest but the last questions were "Does your character rage at video games" so I said probably and then it asked "Is your character associated with sailor moon" and I said yes and it guessed Jungkook correctly lmfao
there's an app for it, too. it's really fun to play -- it does well with kdrama characters, too! :)
I was so surprised when it guessed even less known people. Cool website though!
yeah it's so freaking wow... it's got an app as well... it knows everything even anime characters