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so @destiny1419 made a card about this and I understand completely because ... I live through this every day with no fail
I J-Hope you know where this reference originated XD
found this at Hobby Lobby ... Be The Light - Block B
this made me think of EXO's song: XOXO
Baekhyun...aka Bacon
99.99% jam-free like Jimin XD

5 different references:

~#1 Crayon by G-Dragon ~#2 Supa looks like Suga ~#3 UNIQ's newer song is called My Bestfriend (BFF) ~#4 Yelo looks like Zelo... ~#5 Yelo looks like Yolo, which is one of Madtown's song titles
This was clearly made for Jin
and so was this
this one is pretty self- explanatory lol -_- I wanted it so bad
Me making kpop references... like how I tried to recreate V's photo (swipe to see) ... but I failed so bad ;-;
This is just a normal day at the library for me
and this was a geometry project I had to do in school haha (P.S. I spelt kimchi wrong on purpose lol)
so many kpop references, as you can tell... my dongsaeng (little sister) wrote down Jimin's name with a heart, and I wrote 'Suga Sweg!' -- I got the inspiration from a different swag comment someone put on there lol
every time I have sugar, cause I'm about that life yo

Seriously guys, I found all of this stuff in stores and I can't run from it!!

@ElleHolley exactly, happens everytime! XD
@yewookyu on my daily life!!! The lady at Chili's asked I wanted sugar on Top and I said ummm yes of course. In my mind I was thinking T.O.P lol I'm a horrible person for that lol
i think everyone has that moment.... when you're excited of something that relates to kpop, you want to spazz, but you gotta keep it to yourself cause no one would understand..... XD XD
one time I saw a license plate that said SUGA and I was like o.o and then I saw a piggy bank that said Show me the money. and because it's valentine's day I see xoxo a lot which reminds me of EXO... plus im going to EXOs LA concert which happens to be on Valentines day. So every time i go to the store I'm constantly reminded of it
ha that happens all the time lol I love it heck I even end up mimicking some of the things or kidols do.
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