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so @destiny1419 made a card about this and I understand completely because ... I live through this every day with no fail
I J-Hope you know where this reference originated XD
found this at Hobby Lobby ... Be The Light - Block B
this made me think of EXO's song: XOXO
Baekhyun...aka Bacon
99.99% jam-free like Jimin XD

5 different references:

~#1 Crayon by G-Dragon ~#2 Supa looks like Suga ~#3 UNIQ's newer song is called My Bestfriend (BFF) ~#4 Yelo looks like Zelo... ~#5 Yelo looks like Yolo, which is one of Madtown's song titles
This was clearly made for Jin
and so was this
this one is pretty self- explanatory lol -_- I wanted it so bad
Me making kpop references... like how I tried to recreate V's photo (swipe to see) ... but I failed so bad ;-;
This is just a normal day at the library for me
and this was a geometry project I had to do in school haha (P.S. I spelt kimchi wrong on purpose lol)
so many kpop references, as you can tell... my dongsaeng (little sister) wrote down Jimin's name with a heart, and I wrote 'Suga Sweg!' -- I got the inspiration from a different swag comment someone put on there lol
every time I have sugar, cause I'm about that life yo

Seriously guys, I found all of this stuff in stores and I can't run from it!!

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@ElleHolley exactly, happens everytime! XD
@luvexobts so lucky!! make sure to take lots of pictures :D @yewookyu yessss lol. But I have the problem where I can't keep it all inside and I confuse people XD
@4dalientae ahahaha well at least you let it out, and not get frustrated inside~ that's good XD
ha that happens all the time lol I love it heck I even end up mimicking some of the things or kidols do.
@SarahVanDorn me too XD