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What are some of your dreams and goals and what is stopping you?! & when I say goals and dreams I do not only mean going to school, having a career, but I'm also discussing about those small things you dream about for some reason never get it or do it for yourself.
This was my dream. AND BEFORE YOU CRITICIZE ME. Let me explain it's significance! You see to me it was more than a piece of furniture!!!!
Since I was a little girl I dreamt of being like the rich girls that had somewhere to get ready .(1) It was hectic always fighting for the bathroom mirror. (2) I always saw through tv shows and novelas how girls would utilize one but I knew my mom would never afford one. (single mom of4). (3) I grew up wishing my room could look like every girls room. All girly and super cute. But lets face it too broke to be spoiled. (4) I'd never buy it for myself bc i felt selfish to buy something like that for my selfish needs.
& 3 days ago I finally decided that with my own money I'd buy me one. Because every girl deserves to have her area to get dolled up & feel extremely gorgeous the rest of the day. & we all deserve to give ourselves attention because if we don't love and care for ourselves who will?!?!?!? On a side note: reason for caption is because my boyfriend knows I hate building things because I then wish I had my dad in my life. So when I came home from work he surprised me by having it built and ready for me.
I know I made a great decision & I feel that if you can all take a message from this card it will be : Make you dreams come true! love yourself & spoil yourself because you simply deserve it!
My struggle now will be fitting all my makeup but cannot be anymore excited ❤
@EasternShell thats amazing you definitely need to invest in a space
I'm planning for my next home to have more room. But you're right, I would feel better if I fixed up my writing nook. At least I would have that space. Thanks for the encouragement.
That's awesome! I can relate. I have the space for a writing nook, but I'm planning to move next year so I don't want to put effort into it. In the meantime, my poor journals are hidden in baskets. My writing supplies are scattered. It makes me feel disorganized. I've always dreamed of a study or a shed where I could go create, sew, crochet, or just be by myself.