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Day6 US Fan Meeting
Okay so (Jae just posted this on his Twitter about 25 minutes ago) Day6 is coming to the US in April for fan meeting in LA, San Francisco, and Orlando! Ticket prices are above. However... They go on sale tomorrow and the 17th...
왜?! I'm broke until February and I know those tickets are going to sell out so fast! *my creys*
I'm Tamaki right now. Hopefully some magic God of Kpop will let it be that tickets will still be available by the time I have some coins.
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I want to go really badㅠㅠbut I'm going to the EXO concert and I can't afford both. especially since I live out of town :(
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i feel you i live near one of the cities and want to go but cant! @luvexobts so cool that ur going to the Exo concert have fun!!!
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