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Line's official account for VIXX has sent me another message! It reads: "15일 OSAKA 라이브 쇼케이스를 마지막으로 쇼케이스 투어를 마친 VIXX LR의 모습입니다! 조카와 영상통화 중인 레오, 라비의 모습은 보너스~!^^ 앞으로도 VIXX LR 활동에 많은 응원과 관심 부탁드려요~" Can someone decode?
My guess: "(January) 15th at the end of the tour and showcase for VIXX LR in Osaka! These are images on their phones by Ravi and Leo. Continue supporting for us!" What do you think? It was a pretty rough translation, and it wasn't literal. Comment your ideas down below!
I love that 라이브 쇼케이스 is literally (ra-i-beu sho-kei-seu) hahaha Its amazing how much we can read by just knowing how to sound out hangul^^
Yup! I kinda had to use it a little to translate parts that I wasn't sure of, but it's pretty similar :)@VeronicaArtino
so I have their line account to and then I used the eng-kor translator account and you are correct. this is what it it told me it translated to 15 showcase After finishing his tour with the last live showcase osaka vixx lr of the show.! Images of the video on the phone, and nephew, Leo, Ravi a bonus either! Continue vixx lr a lot of support for the activities and interest for me, please. (glad)
@CurrySoop you are welcome