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Soooo.... I got tagged by @mandynoona for the gif challenge. I don't know what's funnier, the fact that I had enough to do this or the gif doesn't match the situation. Anyway enjoy!!!
Parents Reaction when I was born. I believe this!!!
Me on my first day of school. Probably, I don't like noise.
When I learned to ride a bike. Understandable fell several times.
When I got a gift from my bff ?????
My feelings when I got my first crush I danced a little...on the inside
Crush's reaction when I told him/her YES!!!! Very true!!!
Getting the "Talk" Probably looked at my Mom like "say what?!"
Waiting for exam scores lmbo always nervous
When I realize I failed.
When I realized I actually did pass. Punk @$$ test lol
Realizing I had a crush on my teacher. ewwww no
When i finally graduated! Party Time!!!
When I got my first good job. ...
How I feel about the rest of my life. Definitely
@MandyNoona yes I laughed most of the night feel free to tag me again!!!
Lmao... punk A$$ test! Omg. these were great! fun right?