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so I got a tag by so let's go tagging you ppls

When i was born

I was born beautiful and fabulous deal with it my mom is blessed.

first day of school

I don't remember much but I know I was cool with going everyday I hated mornings.

me when I fell in love

I was 5 let it go

me when my friend told the boy I like that I liked them

girl you best of be glad I didn't go postal lol

me when he said he didn't care

well bye boy I didn't like you anyway.

me when I started to be homeschooled

bye bitches I get to sleep late HA!!!

me when people asked me if "I still have friends" or "if I'm okay?" or is "something wrong" or " how's School going"

get your life

me when people find out I'm about to graduate High school and get to collage at 16.


me when you found out just now


me when I dance

I'm pretty good

me when i sing

I do have a voice as aliee I just have to be confident

me I audition for YG


me when I look in the mirror (I'm a girl btw)lol


me when someone tries to change me and who I am

yea it doesn't work boo boo.

me when someone yells/test me for no freaking reason

it happens to me a while ago this lady lucky
and last but not least

me when going to YG WHEN I'M ACCEPTED

I know I'm gonna get accepted I have faith God got me ayeee Party
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